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Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

"I wanted to express my gratitude for all your help in listing and selling my son's estate. I feel you went way above the call of duty by being there for contractors, making decisions, making the house presentable for showings, and on and on. It would have been very difficult for me to come from out of town to accomplish all this and you made it easy.... I have a good intuition about people. Sometimes in life you meet someone that you just know, from conversations, that they are someone you can trust to do the right things. I got that feeling from you. We had good interactions, laughed on the phone, and as corny as it sounds I feel like now this is over I have kind of lost a friend. Please use me as a reference... and would love for you to drop by when you are over this way."

Dave M. - Home Seller

"I was able to tell from the beginning Bill Crawford was a very experienced and well rounded Realtor. My home buying search was about a 10 month long process where Mr Crawford made several trips down from Tampa to where I was in the general area of Orlando. This was my first time buying a home and I had very little knowledge on what to look for when purchasing a property, his insight and expertise certainly helped me in my decisions to choose the right home for me and my family. Many of the houses I was looking at were foreclosures and needed many renovations and he had over the years obtained many connections with all types of contractors that could help me in any renovations I would need. In the end he helped me find the Beautiful house that I live in today, and closing process ran smoothly and was done in less than 30 days. I would recommend Mr Crawford to first time home buyers and experienced home buyers because he really knows his stuff." 

N. Peterson - Home Buyer

"Sheryl Lynn Webster is a shining beacon of honesty, professionalism and helpfulness in a sector full of self interest and opportunism. Her resourcefulness and expertise in managing our two properties has gone beyond the call of duty in terms of resolving issues with tenants and third parties (e.g. tradesmen, homeowner’s association, insurance and accounting agents etc.). Her genuine concern for her client's peace of mind is reflected in the tone of her emails and the proficiency with which she follows through on every detail of her responsive actions. My wife and I are particularly grateful to Sheryl, and her team on the ground, as we are overseas clients who at times are prone to feeling anxious and thus demand a level of excellence and responsiveness that is hard to find. In short you are in good hands with Sheryl and we say that advisedly, having contacted a number of other people in the sector before settling on Venture Home Realty. And finally I must mention that beyond providing the general feeling that you have a relative in the business I must say that their online facilities, professional advice and knowledge of the sector is first class."

George H. - Investor / Landlord

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